The island of Elba can be visited far and wide on foot
, along the coasts with pleasant walks or entering the mountain hinterland with more demanding treks; or enjoying the natural wonders of which the island is rich or looking for historical-cultural records. We offer you some itineraries that will allow you to get to know this fascinating  sea and vacation spot going on foot.

Island of Elba, routes along the coast

For those who love pleasant walks on easily passable paths that do not stray far from the seafront, here some proposals for itineraries on foot along the coast of the Island of Elba.

  • The medium-difficulty route extends for about 5 km from the village of Viticcio,in the north of the island, to the Biodola beach, through dirt paths through the lush vegetation, short climbs and wonderful views of the sea;
  • Another walk of normal difficulty, of about 2 km, is the one that leads from the extreme side of Procchio beach directly to the homonymous gulf, tracing for a good part the soft multicolored gravel beach and, finally, an uphill staircase which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the coast of Marciana Marina;
  • As many kilometers long and easy to perform as the one mentioned before, the “Cavoli” walk leads from the parking lot of the beach to the homonymous beach, thanks to the pedestrian path to be taken as soon as you leave the road and the downhill stairs. Here you will find golden sand, blue sea and a special microclimate that allows swimming in the sea even out of season.

Island of Elba, inland trekking routes

The Island of Elba offers numerous possibilities for those who practice walking at more intensive levels, making real trekking routes inland; let’s see some examples.

  • You can start from a fairly demanding route that takes almost 4 hours of walking and that goes into the most mountainous part of the island of Elba: the trekking to Monte Capanne. The difference in altitude is 350 meters and when you reach the top of the mountain you are at the highest point of Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago. The sighting of wild species such as mouflons, red partridges and buzzards will give an added value to the touring experience;
  • Another path, this time of medium difficulty, is that of the Volterraio; starting from the square of Rio dell’Elba along a panoramic trail of about 13 km, mixed between asphalt and dirt road, to reach the castle of Volterraio, perched on stone and built during the Pisan era as a refuge from pirate attacks. Proceeding along the path you reach Monte Castello and even higher you get to Cima del Monte, where you can see a breathtaking view of Rio dell’Elba, the mines and the yards and the Torre del Giogo, while on the eastern side you can see the beach of Barbarossa and the village of Porto Azzurro;
  • A decidedly more demanding itinerary is the trekking of the Pomonte Valley that allows you to cross one of the most fascinating valleys of the island given the presence of terraced vineyards, pastoral “caprili” and the show offered off-season: the “Barione” ditch with small waterfalls and very characteristic pools of water. The journey time is about 6 hours and the difference in altitude of 650 meters but the wonders that you enjoy along the walk are worth all the physical effort.

Island of Elba, nature trails

Let’s now look at some nature trails of the Island of Elba dedicated to those who love walking surrounded by nature.

  • A fascinating walk is the one that, on dirt paths to be tackled with suitable footwear and clothing, allows you to reach the granite quarries of the village of San Piero, located at the foot of Mount Capanne, and considered a true mineralogical museum in the open due to the high presence of rocks rich in tourmalines, beryls and topazes;
  • For those who love plant species it is highly recommended to take the Botanical Garden walk that you can find inside the  campsite “Rosselba”, in Ottone in Portoferraio; you can admire plants from South America, Africa, the Far East, Australia along a truly unique exotic route. Continuing the way you reach the beach named after the village and where you can enjoy the wonderful view of Portoferraio.

Island of Elba, paths of historical-cultural discovery

The Island of Elba also allows you to enjoy interesting walks to discover the historical and cultural heritage. Let’s see some suggestions.

  • An important historical testimony is certainly the Tower of San Giovanni, located on the slopes of Monte Perone, at 300 m altitude. Built during the Pisan era, it’s entirely made of granite stone and used as a watchtower. The tower, reachable with an easy walk, offers a wonderful view of the Gulf of Marina di Campo;
  • The municipality of Portoferraio, on the northeastern side of the Island of Elba, is rich in sites of high historical value that can be visited with an affordable exploration walk; from the Tower “Linguella”, seat of the Archaeological Civic Museum, starting point, to Forte Stella, to the Palazzina dei Mulini, an ancient Napoleonic residence with a beautiful garden and museum to visit. Finally, you reach the Palazzo del Municipio, where the Foresian Library is located, which houses about 20,000 volumes and a special section dedicated to the history of the island.

Find below some useful information to make the most of your stay on the island of Elba:

  • to move by bus from one location to another we suggest you to download the app “Teseo”; thanks to it you will be updated on rates, timetables and transit journeys; you can buy tickets with an SMS and plan the movements to reach the starting points of the routes we have shown you;
  • to gather complete information on the locations of Elba, events and links, you can consult the magazine “ProntoElba” available online or in paper format;
  • we remind you that every year it is possible to take part in the Walking festival; an event organized in the spring and autumn seasons, with an offer of hiking programs of various levels to get to know the territory of Elba, walking in the green and enjoying the surrounding natural beauties;
  • enthusiasts of the Nordic Walking technique will find on Elba several routes suitable to practice  this activity, widely spread in recent years to maintain good health. All useful information can be obtained by contacting the Nordic Walking  Sport Association of the island of Elba which has its headquarters in the municipality of Rio Marina.

What are you waiting for? If your idea of vacation includes walks to discover the natural or historical wonders of the place of destination, consider planning a stay on the Island of Elba, where you will find a wide variety of exploratory itineraries to try.

For accommodation you can take advantage of all the convenient services available at the apartments of our residence Villa Teresa, in the municipality of Porto Azzurro.