The Rio Marina mining park was founded in 1991 with the aim of converting the areas damaged by the intensive extraction of iron into areas suitable for promoting the tourist development of the country.

The excursions are active from April to October and reservations are required. To visit the Rio Marina open-air mining park you can choose the following options:

1) Adventure → The name of this excursion is already a whole program, a VM90 8 seats, military vehicle, will add that extra pinch of adrenaline to an already exciting off-road trip that will make you appreciate every single moment of the mines of Rio Marina, a great beauty that, too often, is underestimated.

2) The little train → A characteristic canary yellow colored train, led by a nice guide who will not fail to remove any doubt that will come to your head, will take you to the slopes of the Valle Giove construction site, a quarry in the shape of a stepped amphitheater built over the years 50 where minerals such as hematite, fluorite and quartz were mined. A perfect excursion for young and old.

Both trips forsee a stop with a pick and bag to dig and find (as well as take home) the mineral that still lies abundantly in that part of the mine.

3) Trekking → From the center of Rio Marina, and more precisely from the Museum of Minerals and Mining Art of Rio Marina, you can walk through the main construction sites: Bacino, Valle Giove, Falcacci and Conche. Towards the construction site of the Conche your attention will surely fall on a red pond, with surprising purple reflections, whose waters are extremely rich in iron salts.

Walking everything is tasted in a different way because the things we see are absorbed more slowly, it is as if the life of the mine flows all around us. What has been, what it was, and what will be, a little journey into the past and a little glimpse into the future, perhaps trekking is the best solution to enjoy this priceless landscape. The route is a bit challenging and being a rather hot area, make sure you have bottles full of fresh water with you.

The different itineraries that are proposed by expert guides aim to make it clear how much the reality of the iron of the Island of Elba (together with other minerals of which the Island is rich) has had (and still has) a indispensable connection with the life of the Elban people. It could even be said that the character of the inhabitants of this wonderful island is better understood with a ride in the mine than with years of vacation.

To book your excursion to the Rio Marina Mining Park, you can contact the Park directly on 0565962088 or by email at