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Italian Language School

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ABC ELBA Italian Language School

The summer courses were conceived with the idea of connecting a beautiful holiday with a study vacation. The enchanting atmosphere of the island and its relaxing summer weather make study a pleasure. You can choose from among the following Italian language courses:

  • Group Course
  • Intensive Group Course
  • Mini Group 5
  • Combined Group and Individual Course
  • Individual Course
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Only for the guests of Villa Teresa a unique opportunity:

Italian course to “survive” for those who want to learn to communicate in Italian, just to interact with the environment and to enjoy the island of Elba, also through small and simple conversations with the locals and Italian tourists.

It is an individual course where all family members or acquaintances who live together in the apartment can participate: an entertaining way to learn some vocabulary and useful phrases for the holiday together with the whole family.
Since it is an individual course, the teacher can concentrate on you and your needs and interests. You can also specify the time and day of the week.

Package of 3 hours
Package of 5 hours
The course is per family and includes teaching material and the possibility to participate in our leisure activities.


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