From A To Z: the Island of Elba as you have never read it!

A as for Aleatico, for many it is a dessert wine, for others it is a “meditation” wine. Everybody thinks differently, the fact remains that it is an incomparable wine, impossible to imitate. The real and only Aleatico is made in Elba.

B as for Barbarossa, the notorious pirate who has plundered the island and its inhabitants several times. Thanks to him, stories and legends were born that still come alive today with festivals and historical reenactments. One of the beaches of Porto Azzurro still bears his name.

C as for Cosmopoli, the city commissioned by Cosimo de Medici and designed by the best architects of the time. Today this little town is called Portoferraio and is home to one of the safest ports in Italy and in the world.

D as for Darsena Medicea, if we mention Cosimo De Medici we cannot fail to mention the largest tourist port of Elba, in this “Calata” (quay) also loved by VIPs, there are really delicious bars and restaurants.

E as for «Elbani», meaning the name of the inhabitants of the Island of Elba. And here a few lines are not enough to talk about how extraordinary these people are.

F as for «Felice», which means happy, because ours is an island with an almost zero crime rate. Children can still be seen playing free ball in town squares. Rarity!

G as for Granite, there is a bit of Elba in the Pantheon and in the Colosseum too, in fact the precious rock of which the island is rich, starting from Roman times, was exported and used for the construction of important historical monuments.

H as for Habituè, once known it is difficult not to go back because here you feel at home in every inch.

I as for “I delitti del Bar Lume”, a famous fiction filmed in the picturesque Marciana Marina that has conquered the hearts of Italians, but I also for Ilvaite, the ancient name of the Island of Elba from which the rare and precious mineral that can be found in some of its mines take its name from.

Island of Elba, an all-Elban alphabet!

L as for Lacona, the golden sand beach that with its dunes, often covered by the preserved and protected “Giglio di Mare” that blooms in summer, has made millions of people fall in love.

M as for Mines, underground or in the open, in the past extremely precious for Elba’s economy. “The Island of a Thousand Fires” for centuries has supported entire Elban families, and not only. A story that continues to fascinate everyone, young and old.

N as for Nature, wild, unspoiled, it is no coincidence that it is also called the green and blue island. But also N as for Napoleon, the most famous general in history who chose the Island of Elba for his exile in 1814. A forced “vacation” of nine months in which he gave his best to improve Elba and the life of its inhabitants.

O as for «Occidentale» , that means Western, or rather: Western Ring. A completely different landscape made of granite rocks and memorable sunsets. The view is a whole program, the islands of Montecristo, Corsica and Pianosa that stand out between the blue of the sea and the turquoise of the sky are really not to be missed.

P as for Porto Azzurro, one of the most beautiful villages on the Island of Elba, and we don’t say it only because Villa Teresa is located in this municipality, we say it because we are firmly convinced of it.

A funny vocabulary to get to know better the pearl of the Tuscan Archipelago!

Q as for Quartzite, the mineral thanks to which today we have wonderful beaches such as Cavoli, Seccheto and Fetovaia. When the mistral (northwest) or the «grecale» (eastwind) blow along Elba’s coasts, these beaches become paradises.

R as for “Relitto di Pomonte”, meaning wreck of Pomonte , the merchant ship that sunk near the rock of Ogliera, in Pomonte and is one of the major tourist attractions. It is not necessary to be a great diving expert, to see it you only need a mattress and mask.

S as for “Spiagge” (meaning beaches) more than 200, all different, all well worth to see, know and explore! But S also for “Schiaccia Briaca” the Elban dessert per excellence.

T as for “Tramonti”  (meaning sunsets). Those from Elba make you dream for a long time: in winter, when it’s raining and cold outside, they warm you up at the very thought.

U as for Uniqueness, because Elba is unique in everything.

V as for Volterraio, the only fortress on the Island of Elba that has never been conquered. Guided tours will take you to discover one of the most mysterious and magical places in the entire Tuscan Archipelago.

Z as for Zerri fritti (fried fish), a dish that is not at all chic but which embodies the simplicity (and goodness) of authentic Elban cuisine.

We are always very attentive to the requests of our customers, if the history and culture of Elba have sparked your interest, at the reception of Villa Teresa you will always find someone who will answer your every curiosity!