Beach, sun and sea, children do not need anything else to feel good and have fun. Elba has more than one hundred beaches and finding your way around which might be the most suitable for your little ones may not be easy. To help you in your choice we have decided to write this article in which we list some beaches, close to our residence, which are really suitable for children. Taking a holiday on the Island of Elba with children is the right choice you can make. Armed with games and lots of imagination on all these beaches, parents and children will enjoy the scenic beauty by sharing moments of pure joy all together.

The beaches of Porto Azzurro suitable for children

Barbarossa beach in Porto Azzurro, reachable directly from our residence through a path, is the classic beach where you can find a rare situation of calm even in the busiest months. Both the beach and the seabed have small pebbles, not at all annoying, which give the sea very particular shades, a gradual transition between different tonalities of color ranging from emerald green to Pompeian red. The services it offers are: beach service, diving school, bars and restaurants.

The Pianotta beach in Porto Azzurro is very small, the beach is characterized by small pebbles that allow you to walk without any discomfort, the sea is always very beautiful and the close proximity to the village, and therefore to all services, make it very appealing to everyone. Only a few steps separate you from the delicious artisan ice cream parlors of the historic center!

The beaches of Capoliveri suitable for children

Zuccale and Barabarca in Capoliveri are two beaches very close to each other and both with rather similar characteristics: mixed fine sand and gravel and waters so transparent that both you and your children will immediately want to dive into that sea and to never get out of it. Both beaches are equipped to rent umbrellas and sunbeds.

The long beach of Naregno, in Capoliveri, is perfect for spending the day having fun with and on the sand: castles, marble tracks, beach tennis or beach volleyball… Get ready, it will be your turn to play all these games with your children. On the beach of Naregno, on the right looking at the sea, there is a path that leads you to a very small and pretty cove located just below the Forte Focardo. The path is very scenic and not difficult at all: an extra adventure to do in the company of children.

Straccoligno, in Capoliveri, is one of the beaches that most recommend to families. The fine sand that goes right into the sea, gently sloping down, makes it ideal even for very little ones. On this beach in 2018 there was an exceptional hatching of turtle eggs… Going in search of the traces of other turtles along the entire perimeter of the beach will take up most of your day.

Sandy beaches and gently sloping sea: the Island of Elba is perfect for holidays with children!

The beach of Lido di Capoliveri is one of the longest on the Island of Elba. The clean, calm sea with shallow waters lends itself well to taking the first steps into the water for those who have just been born, but even those who are already walking at a good pace will find many attractions in this beach to make the most of the day. Here the word “boredom” does not exist: a ride on a banana boat or pedal boat, a wind surfing lesson (even for children), a dip from the nearby platform, located a few strokes from the shore, and in addition the tunnels of the second world war dug directly into the rocks will rekindle the imagination and the desire to discover even in children with less enthusiasm.

Lacona beach in Capoliveri is one of the largest on the Island of Elba. The very fine sand, very pleasant to the touch, which we also find in the seabed, makes it one of the most comfortable on the southern side of the Island of Elba. The view of Montecristo could be a good starting point to tell the fascinating story of a man who finds a treasure and becomes the Count of that island…

The beaches featured in this article are located a few minutes drive from our apartments, however they are not the only ones suitable for families with children. At the reception of the Residence Villa Teresa in Porto Azzurro, it is always our pleasure to suggest guests the best beaches according to their needs.