Choosing Elba Island as a destination for your holiday will not disappoint you thanks to the many things to see that this beautiful island offers: from breathtaking sea views to the wonderful villages; from museums to churches and parks that you can visit to give you an unforgettable stay here on the Island of Elba also, why not, if you will be on holiday with your dog.

The towns and villages that worth to be seen on the Island of Elba

You will find a lot of small villages and fascinating places on the Island of Elba, which you can explore during your stay. Let’s see some of the most visited:

  • Capoliveri is located near the Monte Calamita; a charming village of narrow streets and alleys, which dominates two gulfs and boasts an ancient history that dates back to the Napoleonic domination;
  • Located under the Monte Capanne but very close to the sea we have Marciana, which also offers an olfactory well-being thanks to its vegetation scented with wild herbs such as heather, myrtle and lavender. A few kilometers from here you will find the village of Poggio, famous for its mineral source and characteristic for the presence of holm oaks and chestnut trees;
  • Among the most fashionable and popular places we find Marina di Campo and Porto Azzurro, with their famous beaches, colorful houses, their ports of call for many boats and yachts. In Marina di Campo we suggest to visit the village of Sant’Ilario, a hilltop village among the oldest in the area;
  • In the eastern part we have Rio Marina, whose particularity are the red hills from which it is surrounded and which owe their singular color to the iron oxide they are rich in.
  • In the north of the Island of Elba, on a promontory, rises Portoferraio, erected as a fortress-city during the Renaissance period, which still preserves a military aura, thanks to the presence of three forts connected by walls and bastions.

 All these places are obviously equipped with various beaches and bays where to enjoy the sun and the sea; among these the beaches of Porto Azzurro; here, if you want, you can stay in an apartment of our Residence Villa Teresa.

The churches of the Island of Elba

The Island of Elba has many attractions for art lovers, including religion, history and nature.

We present some of the historic places of worship to be seen on the Island of Elba. Those who love to visit the ancient churches of the holiday places will be satisfied because the numerous places of worship really deserve a ride; we mention some of them:

  • In Capoliveri we have the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, a church that combines medieval style and Baroque architecture and holds a precious painting: the Madonna del Silenzio, work of a pupil of Michelangelo;
  • In the small village of Poggio, in Marciana, stands the fortified church of San Niccolò, a special example of religious art linked to military power. In this place you can also see some paintings by Giacomo Mellini, a person of great historical importance for Elba;
  • Near the village of Rio dell’Elba we find a suggestive building, dating back to 1600, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina, reachable by walking along a short dirt track; over the years it has become a place of pilgrimage but also a cultural center for art and photography exhibitions.

Elba's parks and museums

Let’s now look at the museum offer and the naturalistic attractions of the Island of Elba, dedicated to tourists who like to spend their vacation days enriching their knowledge.

  • Dedicated to the sea and its enhancement, in Capoliveri, we have the Museum of the Sea which in particular houses the remains and precious finds of the Pollux steamer, shipwrecked in 1869;
  • Archeology enthusiasts will be able to admire the historical remains of the Stone Age, of the Etruscan and Roman civilization preserved at the Museo Civico Archeologico di Marciana;
  • Those looking for mineralogical and gemological testimonies will appreciate the exhibitions of the Luigi Celleri Mineralogical Museum in San Piero, in the municipality of Campo dell’Elba;
  • Those wishing to explore the nature of Elba will be able to surround themselves with natural beauties in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, which stretches for 600 km² and includes several Tuscan islands, of which Elba is the most extensive. To mention the variety of its vegetation, the splendor of the flowers and the presence of different types of birds, including migratory species;
  • The Elba Island Mining Park, in Rio Marina, will be interesting to visit for tourists interested in knowing, in particular, the secrets and the millenary local history of the extraction and processing of iron. Various types of this and other minerals coming from various parts of the island are on show and, with an excursion on a small train, you can follow the mining trails and reach the various construction sites; the best known of them is the Valle Giove building site.

Therefore, on Elba Island you will have a wide choice of places and things to see: from the richness of cultural, historical and religious heritage to the landscape so that your vacation on Elba will be an unforgettable adventure.