Visiting the Museum of Minerals and Mining Art of Rio Marina one has the impression of living in a history that has lasted for millennia and which tells of travel, men and hard work.

Inserted inside the Palazzo del Burò, that is the building where the Direction of Mines was located, right in the center of the town, this museum contains everything there is to know about the mines of Elba and the “men of the vein” that have worked on it for centuries.

The History of the Island of Elba through the Museum of Minerals in Rio Marina

In the first part of the museum we find more than a thousand samples of stones and minerals (some rare and very precious) of a disarming beauty, displayed in glass cases with relative description. This is a collection that mainly concerns the eastern part of the island, however it is also possible to observe some samples from the west side.

We continue with a bit of history of the geology of the Island of Elba, passing through the exploitation of its deposits, from the Etruscans until the early 80s.

Inside the museum, some original rooms of the mine have been created in a very faithful way, where you can also see different materials and work tools used in the old construction sites.

Once the visit inside the museum is over, the journey to the Rio Marina Mines Park begins, which you can visit with a train, military vehicle or trekking.

For more information, we recommend that you contact the reception of our Villa Teresa residence or you can contact the Museum directly at this number: +39 0565 962088.

We remind you that the visit of the museum is possible only by reservation.