The morphology of the island of Elba seems made to be explored far and wide in the saddle of your mountain bike; the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation has a long tradition on the Island of Elba since the 1800s; thanks to the diversified conformation of the territory, which combines mountainous areas and hilly and wooded sections to suggestive cliffs overlooking the sea, it is possible to have fun crossing the island on hiker routes in mountain biking  suitable for all levels of preparation, from beginners to medium level bikers up to the most experienced and reckless ones. We will see some of the most interesting routes and we will also give you some news on the events organized for lovers of this dynamic sport and some suggestions to enjoy the MTB style holiday.

Mountain bike itineraries for beginners

Beginners can have fun experimenting with the easiest mountain bike routes on the island of Elba; some of these types are mentioned below.

In the eastern part of Elba, we find the easy-to-follow MTB itinerary that reaches the Fattoria delle Ripalte from the municipality of Capoliveri; a little more than 20 km long, mostly unpaved, requires a journey time of about 2 and a half hours and allows you to admire the wild coast and the tranquility of this side of Elba;

Another easy route, also suitable for families with children, is the one inside the Bike Park of Capoliveri, always south-east of the island, which winds for about 18 km on a wide and mostly flat dirt track ; from the start to the arrival, you will be able to enjoy the surrounding nature, and the panoramic points on the coast and on the headlands, with the possibility of making a stop at the Mining Museum which is about the 6th km of the journey.

Mountain bike itineraries for medium level bikers

MTB athletes who have already reached an average level will be able to test themselves and go wild with the most suitable routes for them that the island of Elba offers; here are some:

  • Starting from the Napoleonic Villa of S. Martino, in the municipality of Portoferraio, this path, a little less than 9 km, leads to Colle Reciso, through narrow and steep paths, stretches of rough road and moderately demanding descents; from the ridge where there is an ancient windmill you can see on the north the gulfs of Portoferraio and Lacona on the southern side;
  • 1 km from the tourist village of Cavo begins the path of the Mausoleum, which is also of medium difficulty; it begins with a fairly technical climb, winds for about 8 km and then becomes interesting, leading the biker to cross sections of Mediterranean maquis and magnificent coastal views. You reach the Mausoleum, a very impressive structure that was built as a family tomb for an important local family.

Mountain bike itineraries for advanced level bikers

The most daring and advanced mountain bikers can test themselves along the most demanding and technical routes of the island. Here are a few examples:

  • an itinerary that definitely puts to the test is the one that starts from Lacona, in Capoliveri, on the southern side of the island, and reaches the top of Mount Tambone; it requires a good preparation because the ground is disjointed and the environment to cross is wild; at the same time, however, we may be lucky enough to spot specimens of hares, pheasants and martens to name a few, to enjoy the luxuriant surrounding vegetation and the presence of ancien “caprili” (pastoral huts);
  • inside the Bike Park, also in Capoliveri, we find another route dedicated to the most enterprising bikers; here it is even recommended the accompaniment of a local guide who helps to find the way through the many crossroads in which one comes across this cycling experience. The length of the track is about 30 km with a difference in height of about 800 m and steep slopes.

Mountain bike events on the Island of Elba

Given the importance of the bicycle as a means of transport and entertainment, the mountain bike events organized on the island of Elba could not be missed, attracting thousands of enthusiasts year after year. Here are some of the most known and popular:

In the municipality of Porto Azzurro, usually in autumn, the “Conquistadores Cup” is organized, a competition “Granfondofor mountain bikes; the participants face a very challenging but fascinating itinerary along the coast of Elba and the hills, facing steep slopes and very technical descents, in the territory of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park;

The Capoliveri Legend Cup is held inside the bike park of the homonymous locality; it is an international competition, called Marathon, which requires a very high physical and technical preparation; it runs for about 80 km and has a difference in height of 3000 m; for those who prefer a less severe commitment there is the Granfondo version, 50 km long with a difference in height of 1700 m.

Useful mountain bike tips on the island of Elba

Experiencing new itineraries on the island of Elba will be a lot of fun; we give you some useful tips to make the most of your mountain bike in this beautiful seaside resort:

  • on the Island of Elba you will find local guides who will help you in the chosen routes and local teams to join and share your passion for the two wheels; you can also rely on the numerous shops scattered around the various municipalities of Elba that will provide all the technical assistance you may need;
  • among these, in particular, the company MINeBIKE of Rio Marina promotes the use of e-bike, an electric bicycle, with pedal assistance, offering 24-hour rental and assistance, and the possibility of organizing excursions for the weekend or for weekly stays.

The Island of Elba is definitely an excellent holiday destination for those who like to spend their days of vacation and leisure in the saddle of a mountain bike; the routes meet all levels of preparation, from the beginner to the more experienced biker and here it is also possible to take part in various competitive events to test one’s strength and sporting abilities.

For accommodation you can take advantage of all the convenient services available at the apartments of our residence Villa Teresa, in the municipality of Porto Azzurro.