If his existence was rather unfortunate in life, the same thing cannot be said of his death. Born as a merchant ship in a Dutch shipyard, the Elviscot (this is the name of the wreck of Pomonte) used to sail the Naples – Marseille route but that 10 January 1972 something went wrong, the ship began to take on water and the captain saw himself forced to turn eastward.

And when Pomonte seemed now reached and the danger escaped, he found himself with the hull stranded in the rock of the Ogliera. Only 200 meters separated him from the shore, if it hadn’t been for that obstacle he would have been “saved” but fate had other plans in store for him. On the 21 of January it sank silently and began what we can define as “a life in the spotlight“.

The wreck of Pomonte, the palace of different species of fish

The strategic position (just 200 meters from the shore and just 12 meters deep), the type of seabed and the light that filters through every crevice create a perfect environment for many species of den fish that find a safe shelter in the wreck. From that metal crevice you can see now a conger, now a moray, and then octopuses dancing from one hollow to another and groupers and snappers that float to the rhythm of the wave without ever straying too far from their palace.

The area in which it is located is a real must for those who love diving or snorkeling, covered as it is with spirographs, colored sponges, algae and other marine microorganisms: the Pomonte wreck offers endless emotions not to mention that, being so close to the shore, a mask and snorkel are enough to see it in all its charm. The Elviscot has never been so full of life: whether it is summer or winter it is never deserted and plays a fundamental role for all the creatures that populate it.

The wreck of Pomonte, a Hollywood star on the Island of Elba

While people explore it far and wide and take a myriad of selfies and videos (which you can also see posted on YouTube), the wreck, like a Hollywood star, stands there to be admired, elegantly leaning on his right side and with the stern facing the blue of the open sea. It left everything behind for a better life, destiny was not really so cruel to this wreck.