Every day nature paints images of infinite beauty for us and having the certainty of being able to observe them all reassures us. Offering a sunset costs nothing and nobody will reject the offer. It’s the location in which to observe it that makes the difference, so we decided to help you by selecting the five best places to watch the sunset on the Island of Elba.

Sunset on the Island of Elba: 5 places to lose yourself in the most romantic hour of the day

1.Sunset on the Costa del SolePunta Nera, Chiessi and Pomonte, the sun takes it easy here, these are the last places where it disappears swallowed by the sea. Along the way there are benches and enchanting views where you can stop to admire the exhibition that the sun gives us every day. You will also find delightful coves in which to wait for the most romantic hour of the day, a dip before (or after) sunset, a slice of pizza, a glass full of cold beer: this is what truly feels like beining on vacation!

2. Sunset on the Gulf of Viticcio in Portoferraio → On your right Capo d’Enfola, on your left Marciana Marina, a sailing ship that plows the sea, a pleasant accomplice of an atmosphere that cannot be more romantic than that.  A favorite area for boats of all kinds and sizes. In Viticcio there is also a small restaurant with a terrace where it is worth stopping and from which you can watch the sunset while drinking an aperitif  waiting for the dishes to arrive.

The sunsets on the Island of Elba are among the most beautiful in Italy: whether they are observed from the beach or from the road, they always give an explosion of emotions.

3. Sunset from the Ghiaie beach in Portoferraio → Who knows if even the Argonauts when they landed on this beach stopped to observe the beauty of this place at sunset… Along the Ghiaie beach you will find restaurants and bars where you can stop, but the best place, at least during the show, is  sitting on that uncomfortable wall remains  from which millions of photos have been taken thanks to the colors that this beach offers at sunset.

4. Sunset on Volterraio → The more beautiful things are, the less we can find the words to describe them, and this is precisely the case of the sunset on the most loved and respected fortress of Elba, Volterraio. Those sentries on the lookout who, while protecting the castle, kept an eye on the entire Gulf of Portoferraio would have sunsets to tell… We only feel like saying that from up there, in that eternal moment when the sun caresses the sea, all existential doubts disappear.

5. Each of us has a special place to watch the sun go down and ours is along the road to Monte Calamita in Capoliveri → From here you can watch the sunset over the Stella Gulf, one of the most poetic views of the whole island. It is impossible to describe the wonderful shades that the hour of twilight takes on in this unique place on Elba. In the company of dear friends, as a couple, with the girl you just met or even alone, the sunset seen from here is truly perfect for all occasions.

Tramonto sul Golfo Stella