You start to love this place from the moment you take the road to get there. A road along the coast, overlooking the Gulf of Mola where in summer the boats and the sea, which goes from the green of the precious posidonia to the blue sky, create a landscape that the greatest artists of the past would have competed for to paint. But we live in the present and the photos taken and immediately published on “social media” are yet another proof of what we are about to write: once we have overcome the curve that divides us from admiring it in all its splendor, any doubt vanishes and a certainty creeps in inside us, Porto Azzurro is one of the most beautiful little towns on the Island of Elba.

Porto Azzurro: What to see and what to do in the pearl of the Island of Elba

The characteristic square named after the famous politician Matteotti is the first thing we suggest you to visit. Directly on the sea and recently redesigned by a well-known architect, thanks to the mosaic of its flooring, it will give you the impression of walking on a fishing net. In fact, the whole area was designed to pay homage to the fishermen who over the years have continued what was once considered the main activity of the town: fishing. But in addition to being a starting point for visiting the whole town, the square of Porto Azzurro is also the place where you can attend concerts and shows, because it hosts the various events that, during the summer, are organized to entertain tourists.

Restaurants, bars, pubs, markets and all kinds of shops: shopping in Porto Azzurro is different!

It takes very little to enter the heart of Porto Azzurro. From the square you can take any little street and then you will be projected into a fairytale world populated by small craft shops, bars, restaurants, pubs … But the beauty comes in the evening, when continuing between the streets of the village you will find yourself in one of the most colourful and pleasant markets ever. This is because the street vendors, with all the particular things they sell, as well as being good craftsmen, always manage to snatch a smile from you.

Porto Azzurro: Vacation between sea and relaxation

If in the evening it is nice for its liveliness, lights and atmosphere, during the day it is a perfect place to relax and maybe take a walk to get to the beach: you can decide whether to stop for a swim in the cove of the village, “La Pianotta”, or continue to the end of the promenade and arrive on the path called “Carmignani walk” through which, in addition to admiring a splendid panorama, you will arrive at the much larger and well-known beach of Barbarossa.

On Saturday morning, after breakfast at the square, a walk through the market completes your day!

Saturday is the best time for shopping, because on the largest car park in Porto Azzurro, in the morning from 8 to 1 pm, there is the weekly market where you will find a little bit of everything: from typical Elba products to clothing, from home accessories to leather goods.

Our residence Villa Teresa has the privilege of being located in this beautiful town which you can easily reach on foot from our apartments, without having to use the car.