The Sun Coast is the coastal stretch of the Island of Elba that extends between Marciana and Marina di Campo, exactly in the south-western part of Elba. In this area, the temperature is higher than in the rest of the island and we should not be surprised if even in late autumn we see people swimming in the waters of its beaches. The coast extends for about 10 km and the mountainous area that characterizes it is truly particular and beautiful. Along the way, there will be the islands of Montecristo, Pianosa and Corsica to spy on you, and the metamorphic rocks, covered with cistus, rosemary, wild lavender and helichrysum, which will envelop you with their scents, will certainly fascinate you. Along its coast there are picturesque villages and some of the most touristy beaches on the Island of Elba.

The picturesque settlements on the Sun Coast: Colle d'Orano, Chiessi and Pomonte

Colle d’Orano is a very small village of 76 residents that rises 140 meters above sea level. The heart of this village is its central square where the Church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice dates back to the 18th century. Although it is very small, it has a grocery store, a tobacconist and a pizzeria-restaurant that can be seen along the provincial road, and certainly could not miss a beach (always proportionate to the size of the village), called “le buche”. The fortune of Colle d’Orano is also that of overlooking Corsica and this only increases the beauty of its sunsets.

On the western tip of the Island of Elba, about 13 km from the village of Marciana, you find Chiessi which stands out for its unusual smooth and white cliff, as well as the white houses that make it up. The small square, all made of granite, is truly a gem as is its pebble beach located right in the center of the village. From Chiessi starts a path that leads to the ancient “Semaphore of Campo delle Serre” dated 1888 and built on top of another sighting post from the sixteenth century. This path is always very appreciated by those who love trekking but also by those who simply love walking in nature.

The name of Pomonte derives from “Pedemonte” which means “at the foot of the mountain” because it is located right on the slopes of Monte Capanne. What you will notice immediately at the entrance to Pomonte is the homonymous valley with its clear water streams and the ancient terraces, made of dry stone walls, for the cultivation of vines. Walking along this valley it is also possible to see the remains of the medieval village of Pedemonte, but the main attraction of the place remains the Elviscot, that is the wreck, which is located near the rock of the Ogliera.

The splendid cliff, the shining sea and the mountain that dominates everything: this is the Sun Coast one of the many facets of the Island of Elba which, like all the others, deserves to be seen and explored.