The island of Elba has many advantages and is a perfect holiday destination for peace-seeking tourists and families. Would you have thought  that Elba is also an ideal place for your four-legged friends? Here on the island of Elba you will find pet-friendly accommodation and beaches for dogs, and only on a few beaches dogs are not allowed.

Dog beaches on the island of Elba

On the island of Elba only on very few beaches dogs are not allowed. Of course must the dog owners  observe on each beach the national regulations regarding handling dogs, that is: the dog must be kept on a leash of not more than 1.5 metres in length; the dog owner must carry a muzzle with him and put it on the dog as soon as the dog endanger other animals or persons, or if required by the competent authority. In addition dog owners have to pick up their dog’s poop.

That being said, every beach establishment can decide about the access of dogs, and on Elba many beaches  allow dogs, as long as they respect the peace of the other bathers.

An exception is the district of Porto Azzurro and its beaches, but that is precisely why the only dog beach on the island of Elba is in this district. The Dog Beach in Mola is easily accessible and has 40 sun loungers, 20 parasols, 7 cabins, 2 chemical toilets and comfortable dog showers to wash your four-legged friend after a day at the beach. The seabed is very low and therefore suitable for small dogs and those who are afraid of the water. It is a beach suitable for dogs where your four-legged friends can enjoy themselves and let off steam in a suitable ambience. Like other beaches on Elba, it’s a gravel beach , but that should not be a problem for your pet. The beach service includes beach umbrella, beach chair, feeding bowl and toilets (even for your dog) at a really reasonable price.

However, if you prefer a more human-sized beach not only tailored to dogs, we recommend one of the deserted coves and beaches,  always respecting the other bathers.

Where on the island of Elba can you find a dog-friendly accommodation?

Suppose you have found the beach for you and your dog. And now the question, where can you stay with your four-legged friend on the island of Elba? Not all hotels in the area accept dogs. Some accept them, but they do not offer any special services for your four-legged friend. The best solution would be a structure that not only accepts dogs, but also provides enough space for the dog to run and play.

For example our holiday apartments are immersed in a green setting of a large park of Villa Teresa in Porto Azzurro. Dogs are welcome and only the pool area is inaccessible to them. For a small extra charge you can accommodate in our Residence with your dog and lead him around in our park.

The dog beach of Mola is located in Porto Azzurro not far from our Residence: in a few minutes drive you can reach the beach dedicated to the dogs where you and your dog will have fun.

What can you do with a dog on Elba?

You have the beach, you have the apartment and you have your dog. What else is missing? The island of Elba is not only made of sea, but also offers many trails for two-and four-legged friends. For example, the hiking trail “Carmignani“, a well-developed path that connects Porto Azzurro with the beach of Barbarossa. The length is about 1 km and is a good idea for an evening walk with your dog, but the breathtaking view of the sea should definitely be admired also in daylight or sunset.

Another walk by the sea is the one that leads from the beach of Biodola to the beach of Procchio. An approximately 1-hour excursion (a 3 kilometer walk) which is also suitable for children.

For those who want to reach the mountain peaks of Elba, through paths and mule paths that wind for about 15 kilometers, the granite massif of Monte Capanne, whit its 1019 meters  the highest peak of the island, can be reached from the town of Marciana. Another hike up the hill is from the piazza of Rio nell’Elba, along the normal and unpaved roads to the slopes of the „Volterraio“ and its castle.

Whether you are a trekking enthusiast or a quieter walker, on Elba you and your dog will find what most meet your tastes.

If you are looking for a dog-friendly apartment on the island of Elba, do not hesitate to contact us: we are ready to welcome you and your dog in our historic villa surrounded by green spaces in Porto Azzurro.

Traveling with your dog on Elba is a unique experience and the island is really pet friendly. Find out which  beaches are for dogs and in which residences and accommodation you and your four-legged friend are welcome and can enjoy serenity and peacefulness.