The first time I visited the open-cast mines of Rio Marina I said to myself: where did I go? Because the impression is precisely that of being in an alien land, in a place that has nothing to do with the island that I thought I knew so well.

The Mines of Rio Marina: a unique lunar show

The Pompeian red, which at times becomes carmine, seems to flow from the vein of that land. The spectacle of yellow ocher that extends until it touches the turquoise of the sea will be something new for your eyes. Observing all this perfection it is hard to believe that it is the result of laws dictated by chance.

Since 1991 it has been possible to visit the Rio Marina Mining Park on the Island of Elba.

A mineralogical, geological and historical-mining heritage of inestimable value that since 1991 everyone has the opportunity to visit on foot, by bike, with a military off-road vehicle or even sitting in the small wagon of a train. The way in which you choose to explore the area is really irrelevant because the feeling will always be that of being surrounded by a surreal landscape, also due to the specks of hematite that never stop shining: thanks to them everything is even more surprising.

From the Mineral Museum to the Mineral Park: a complete guide to get to know the history and territory of Rio Marina

The visit starts from the center of the village where the Museum of Mining and Mining Art is located. From here we continue towards the Rio Marina Mines Park, where expert guides together with visitors will retrace the route of the old railways up to arrive at the construction sites of the Rio Marina and Rio Albano fields, all while savoring (without exaggeration) lunar landscapes and amazing sea views.

Leaving this path you will have a greater knowledge of the different mineralogical species and the way in which the minerals were extracted. The smell of iron and the taste of the mineral will accompany you even after the trip is over, because it is inevitable that a little shiny hematite will end up on your shoes or directly on your skin. This is not the usual tour that one takes to pass the time and which is then put into oblivion: a piece of that shining land will remain inside you for a long time.