Since 2006, the Island of Elba has begun to organize itself to adequately accommodate all the people (more and more numerous) who wanted to bring their dog with them.

Porto Azzurro and the beach for dogs in Mola: a safe bet!

One of the first steps on this front was made by the municipality of Porto Azzurro which made available to everyone an area of 500 meters set up with 20 umbrellas, 40 deck chairs, 7 cabins, 2 chemical toilets (one of which for people with disabilities) the inevitable dispensers of small bags to pick up your dog’s poop.

The Dog Beach of Mola is the first real beach for dogs established on the Island of Elba and is located less than a kilometer from the village of Porto Azzurro.

Since we like to write the truth, we cannot omit that this beach is not particularly attractive for a bathing stop. Although the naturalistic context is interesting (the Dog Beach of Mola is inserted in a protected wet area that hosts various species of sea- and other birds), the surrounding seabed is sometimes a bit muddy and for centuries this bay has been used as a landing place and still today the residents moor their boats there.

Island of Elba: the best destination for holidays with a dog

Much has been done since 2006 and much more is being done to make Elba as welcoming as possible for our four-legged friends and nowadays residences and hotels that do not accept pets are very rare. Now we can boast of being one of the best “Pet Friendly” islands in the entire Tuscan Archipelago.

The parking lot is very large and free of charge and access to the beach is really comfortable, plus, for those coming by sea, there is also a small port for mooring.

We remind you that (see regional law n. 59 of 20/10/2009, article 19) your dog has the right as much as you do to stay on any beach, with a few more rules, i.e. leash, cleanliness and respect for others.